Meet the Realty Dream Team

Jess Brooks

I have always been interested in Real Estate and genuinely enjoy serving others, so I began my Real Estate career in 2019 after nearly 15 years in banking. As an Admin, I love that I am able to support my team behind the scenes while learning the ins and outs of the industry!

In my personal time, I enjoy doing yoga, taking road trips, being artistic, and most of all, spending time with my husband and our two little boys. I am also (slowly) pursuing a business degree and working through yoga teacher training.

Sven Carl

I recently joined Douglas Reality after nearly 20 years in the home construction and renovation business because (as I flipped homes) there was a missing link for new home owners in the home buying process.

With my knowledge of common issues, whether it be the quality of roofing, HVAC systems, electrical or plumbing, I can assess your priorities and match them to your dream home while arming you with the knowledge to avoid common pitfalls. It is my mission to place you in a quality affordable home.

Lionel Spears

I chose real estate as a career path because it allows me to use my customer service skills, I have acquired during a 20 plus year career in both the financial and health services industries. It also gives me a chance to serve the community I love.

I have always been interested in real estate, and now I am fortunate enough to do it for a living.

John Allen

I started my Real Estate career after being let down time and time again by agents while flipping houses and building my investment portfolio.

Since becoming a Realtor, I have found a new passion in providing the services I couldn’t find in other real estate agents – helping guide others through their own process selling their home, buying their own investment properties or finding their next dream home.

Shannon Ofiara

As an Air Force Veteran, I specialize in helping Veterans and Military families make the best moves in the Fort Meade area and MD/DC/VA!

David Lipsman

Having coached Select League Baseball for 7 years, combined with being a Dad, is truly a priceless opportunity that has enriched my life in so many ways.

I enjoy swimming, skiing, baseball and hockey as an avid sports participant and fan. I am a dedicated hobbyist photographer and was a professional photographer from 1994-1999, prior to my Real Estate career and after attending University of Maryland Business School.