Happy Veteran’s Day 2021

Each year, Veteran’s Day brings up a well of emotions for me: the courage it takes to put your country before yourself, the honor in serving, and the respect I have for those whom I serve alongside. For me, being a Navy Chief is about the guidance I give to others to ensure we all succeed together.

I am proud to serve all military members in another way – as a trusted Maryland realtor and local advisor.

And in the same way, it is still my responsibility, as an armed service member and as a realtor, to ensure that we succeed.

Buying or selling a home is not a particularly easy thing to do on your own, especially in this market. So, this Veteran’s Day, I am looking to all my fellow service members and their families and saying, “We can do this together.” An experienced realtor like me will make it look easy.

I have been through the process literally inside and out. I know the right questions to ask from both sides and will do what it takes to get you the offer you deserve.

Here’s a fun little Q&A I was able to do for you all…

What got you into realty?

Throughout my nineteen-year career in the Navy, I have developed a passion for helping people in any way I can. In the Navy this was with guidance and mentorship – I bring this same mentality to being a realtor and serving my clients. Whether you are purchasing or selling a home, it can be stressful, and you’ll want an advocate on your side.

What story sticks in your mind of a military client you were able to help? 

I have had numerous opportunities to serve our military community in buying or selling a home. A lot of times, the military family is unable to accompany me on their search of the home. So that means lots of hours spent on phone calls, video chatting, and sending videos of prospective homes. Once we find the one, my team springs into action to take the burden off the transitioning family as much as possible, ensuring any part of the transaction is covered – from repairs to paint colors. We have helped multiple families settle on their new homes remotely from as far as Hawaii & Korea. 

How is it different serving a military client than a civilian one?

A lot of times there are outside constraints that we must work through and limited timelines. Waiting on orders to be released or sudden notice moves – getting a home on the market with less than 30 days’ notice is just another day in the life of serving our military family. Having had to personally transfer six previous times I completely understand that process and stress. My time works to shed as much of that burden from the member and their family as possible. Everyone on our team from the admin staff, home inspector, lender, and title partners are advocates for the military family and have the same goal of making it as easy as possible.

What can a military member expect when using Adam Chubbuck Realtor?

The biggest expectation is knowing that you are working with someone who has walked in your shoes and understands the process and stress of moving – and moving frequently. There is no problem that our team can’t overcome and conquer. We will work with vendors that specifically specialize in supporting the military family – whether with limited financial resources or condensed timelines.

How has your military experience informed your ability as a realtor?

My military experience of being flexible and fluid has set me up for complete success in navigating any military member’s transition to our area. I always like to tell my clients two key points to a successful real estate transaction are realistic expectations and clear concise communication. Accurate and timely communication coupled with being on the same page of finding the perfect home for your family is the goal – we will do everything in our power to accomplish this.


Buying or selling a home in this market can be a challenge! That’s why you need an experienced Realtor like Adam Chubbuck to help you navigate the landscape.

When it comes to buying or selling your home, go with the right realtor – go with Adam Chubbuck.